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Global Business index (GBI) is a listing directory for businesses, organizations and institutions. It is established to enable prospective clients-access the contact information for the product and service providers in any part of Kenya, Africa and the rest of the World. Our directory has both the online and offline mobile application version, this functionality enables prospective clients to access contact information in any part of the world whether there is internet connection or in remote places.

To enable businesses, organizations and institutions connect with customers and their prospective clients with ease in user friendly platform

GBI offers informative, reliable and accurate worldwide listing of businesses, organizations and institutions. Provide both the online and offline mobile application versions. Free offline mobile app which is downloaded from gbusinessindex.com orapp store Promote market niche of our clients through internet visibility and global marketing. Listing is affordable with complete details. 24/7 assistance by our support and technical team GBI enables registered organizations and businesses getdirect contact and orders from the customers
Any organization, institution, Business, professional and service provider either as a company/group or individual can register with GBI. We have 350 categories and thousands of sub-categories in GBI for our clients.
Any person who wants to work with us in our GBI project is highly welcomed to join us as associate from any city or part of the world. S/he will collect information under different categories in GBI using data capture tool. Our dedicated support and technical team will update data in our database or the associate can do it once s/he is has the account. GBI will share 10% for revenue collected by the associate, for the online advertisements GBI will share 20% revenue collected by the associate. This will enable anyone to earn handsome amount every month with us. In addition GBI offers some prizes to associates annually based on their performance, the prizes include a sedan car, Laptops, refrigerator and LED Television.

Normal Listing

To display details of business with contact details alphabatically under any sub-category. The details will be displayed on website and offline mobile app.

Priority Listing

To display business details on top other than alphabatically we offers priority listing which can be purchased on monthly basis because we do not allow to sell more than 12 priority registration per sub category. Priority Listing is again sub categories in TP1 for first four TP2 for second four and TP3 for Last four after this normal listing will be displayed alphabatically.

Brand Listing

Any Organization can list their brand and its distributors, stockists and retail counters city wise for better access for their customers. Customers can search purchase places and contacts to get the product easily
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