Enterpreneur’s Precision

Entrepreneurship is a journey that I must confess that every individual acknowledges as the surest route to financial independence. We have solopreneurs, serial business persons and fulltime entrepreneurs whose core objective is to accumulate their asset column. The difference between you and a serial entrepreneur is not the ability but rather the mastery of financial management and prioritization.

A classical example is where two individuals want to own an asset e.g. a mansion house in a town or its outskirt. At their disposal is limited finance to purchase the house so they opt for a mortgage worth $10000. They will repay the mortgage for 24 months with a 10% per annum.

Gladly these two individuals have accomplished their childhood dreams but due to their varied understanding of financial management one opt to relocate to the mansion house the other one rents out the house at $500.Who is a business savvy ?who has the financial discipline and who will repay the mortgage in record time without straining?

In order to succeed your need to know what to measure and how to measure .Data forms part of this crucial in-depth understanding on economic dimensions and informed decisions. It is here at that we strive to share our experience and thoughts on growing your business.

Our listing is of tremendous importance to your business, in our subsequent article we seek to  dwell in detail about precision and consistence in pursuing your entrepreneurship goals.

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